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Collaborative Family Lawyer in Napoleon, OH

The process of getting separated or divorced can be messy and complicated. And in some situations, it can be a lengthy and costly drawn-out affair. But just because you're seeking to end your marriage doesn't mean that you and your spouse need to subject yourselves to an unpleasant battle in court. Ferguson & Wacha LLC in Napoleon, OH offers another option: the collaborative law approach.

Move Forward

Ferguson & Wacha LLC understands that some people would prefer to handle their divorces outside the courtroom. That's why Ferguson & Wacha LLC works hard to help couples end their marriages through collaborative law. When you come to Ferguson & Wacha LLC, you'll get the personalized service you deserve and the respect and compassion you need to make the process more bearable.

Spouses utilizing the collaborative process begin by signing contracts along with their specially trained attorneys, agreeing in advance that they (spouses and attorneys) will reach an agreement with full disclosure and without litigation. If either party decides, along the way that they must litigate, the case must begin anew with entirely different attorneys. This method ensures everyone involved, including the attorneys, has "skin in the game" and is interested in reaching a positive outcome for the family, not just one side or another. With the constant threat of litigation off the table, the parties are able to focus on resolution of the issues without so much emphasis on court.

Divorce doesn't have to be ugly or messy. Call Ferguson & Wacha LLC today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of collaborative law.